Face Lines

Collaborative Collection

Draw a face with a single continuous line.

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Directed by Edward Boatman Los Angeles

Faces are fun to draw. They’re incredibly dynamic shapes, they tell their own story, and each one is different. In this collection we will be drawing faces, but with a slight twist - you can only use one continuous line. I’m a firm believer that constraints promote creativity. I can’t wait to see what you create!


  1. Paper and Pen: When creating the initial set of Face Line drawings it worked best when I simply started with pencil and paper, I would recommend doing this as well
  2. Sketch: Be spontaneous - When you’re sketching these faces don’t think too much about where your pen or pencil tip will go next. Try to be free and allow your mind to instinctively guide your hand. As the artist Paul Klee once said “A drawing is simply a line going for a walk.”
  3. Trace: When you have a sketch you’re happy with, take a picture of it and place the photo into illustrator. Re-size the sketch so it’s greatest dimension is around 100px. Once you have it sized correctly, trace over it using the pencil tool. The stroke width should be set to 3px. Once you’re finished tracing, if you notice the lines aren’t smooth enough you can simplify them by going to Object -> Path -> Simplify. This should make the lines look more hand drawn.
  4. Finalize and Submit: After you have finalized your design, the last step is to outline the stroke. You can do this by selecting the stroke, then going to Object -> Path -> Outline Stroke. Then simply upload it to this collaborative collection!
  • 3px Line Weight
  • 100px max dimension
  • One continuous line

Key Requirements