Technical Guidelines

Requirements to follow when designing your icons

Save your icons in the SVG (scalable vector graphics) file format.

Size Size

Be sure that your icons' largest dimension is no bigger than 100px.
We suggest using a 5px buffer.

Black Black

Your icons must be black. White elements should be transparent.

Ungroup Ungroup

Ungroup any shapes and be sure to use compound paths. There should be no strokes in your uploads.

Principles of Design

Noun Project visual standards

Your icons should be well-crafted. Our curation team looks over your icons as if they were under a microscope, so remember to take the time to thoroughly look over them to make sure they follow our principles of design.

  1. Speak Visually
    Speak Visually

    Your icons should not contain letters, numbers, or words unless universal.

  2. Consistent Style
    Consistent Style

    Stick to one design style. Whether that is line, fill, or hand-drawn is up to you.

  3. Properly Connected
    Properly Connected

    Your icons' shapes and lines should be connected and merged.

  4. Properly Aligned
    Properly Aligned

    Shapes in your icons' designs should be aligned correctly within it.

  5. Consistent Spacing
    Consistent Spacing

    Shapes used in your icons' designs should be spaced evenly.

  6. Clean Shapes
    Clean Shapes

    Your icons should be clean and have no excess vector points, unless done in a hand drawn style.

  7. Contain with a Purpose
    Contain with a Purpose

    Only use shapes to contain your icons if it helps communicate the noun, idea, or concept.


Your specified grouping of icons

Collections are a set of icons you've designed to upload that work together by sharing the same design style, with the best collections sharing style and theme.

Line Style/Tattoo Theme
Line Style/Tattoo Theme
Tattoo by Javier Sánchez - javyliu
Fill Style/Pattern Theme
Fill Style/Pattern Theme
Patterns by Alex Fuller
Hand Drawn Style
Hand Drawn Style
Handwritten by Arthur Shlain
Pro tip for creating a collection:

Often users are in search of a set of icons that have a cohesive feel for the project they're working on. By creating a collection, they'll likely download more of your icons, meaning more royalties for you!

Add to Existing Collection

If you have icons that you want to add to an existing collection, be sure to select the option on the right while on the upload page.

Add to Existing Collection

You will then see an option to the right to 'Create a collection' at the top of the page. If you press 'Add to a previously created collection' you'll see a list of all the collections you've started that you can add your icons to.

Add to Existing Collection

After you select the collection you'd like to add to, you'll have the option to upload icons to that specific collection.