Make your mark on the world,
for the Noun Project and for money.

Upload your icon designs and
tag them with meaning.

License them under Creative Commons or Public Domain and let the global conversation begin.

Created by Nina Geometrieva from the Noun Project

Creative Commons gives you ownership of your icon.
If anybody wants to use it, they have to give you credit or give you money.

Public Domain gives your icon to the world for free, with or without giving you credit.

Earn money from
single purchase and subscription downloads.

Making icons makes money


Single Purchases

Fixed Royalties

Get 60% of each icon purchased. + See More Info


Sliding Scale

Get 40% of the total shared Subscription revenue. + See More Info

API Usage

Sliding Scale

Get 40% of the total shared API Usage revenue. + See More Info
Noun Project’s Share Creator’s share

Getting paid

We use PayPal to pay our creators. It’s the most accepted way to get paid around the world. You can sign up for free and withdraw directly to your bank account.

Royalties are calculated through the end of each month, and paid by the 10th of the following month as long as you’ve made at least $10.