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Visual Language

  • Quick and Easy

    Easily upload your icons and define them.

  • Global Recognition

    Become iconic and get the visibility you deserve.

  • Royal Perks

    Earn money each time your icons get purchased.

Upload your icons and make them discoverable by adding search words.

License them under
Creative Commons or Public Domain
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Once uploaded, icons are put through our moderation and curation process. If they meet our standards, they will be accepted as part of our visual language.

Earn royalties on your icons

Millions of users search Noun Project for all types of icons. When they purchase any of yours through single, prepaid, subscription, or API, you earn royalties.

Someone pays for your icon through a single purchase.

You earn 60% royalties.

When a Noun Project user purchases your icon, you earn 60% of that payment.

Someone uses your icon through pre–paid, subscription, or API.

You earn 40% royalties.

When a Noun Project user pays for a subscription, pre-pays for future icons, or uses our API, 40% of their payment is added to each royalty pool. At the end of each month, we divide each royalty pool by how many icons were used to get the royalty rate per icon. Then we tally up how many of the icons used were yours and add the total to your monthly royalty payment.

Getting paid is really simple. We use PayPal to pay our creators. If you‘ve made at least $25, your royalties will be delivered to your PayPal account by the last day of the following month.