There's a Drone for That

Collaborative Collection

An iconic collection of our futuristic flying friends.

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Directed by Max Cougar Oswald & Nihir Shah Palo Alto, CA

My stressed-out friend really wants to meditate more, but he just can’t find the time. Lucky for him, there’s a drone for that!

As we see with the predominance of smart phones in our lives, technology can be a double-edged sword. These days, it seems like there’s an app for just about everything. With the talk about drones as the next breakthrough, we found it funny, frightening, and fascinating to imagine the world when they serve as our go-to devices.

This is a collection of narrative icons exploring some of the everyday tasks that could easily be done with the help of drones. Help us imagine our future in a world where drones and humans live together.


This collection follows a narrative style. They follow a literal action being performed, and that action is always done by the drone. This is in contrast to symbolic, metaphorical, or iconographic styles. We suggest the following steps:

  1. List out everyday tasks. Consider actions associated with hobbies, chores, routines, etc. e.g. brushing your teeth, tying a tie, making breakfast…
  2. Choose your favorite ideas and sketch them by hand on regular post-it notes. We suggest sketching with a sharpie pen or marker so your lines remain simple and economic.
  3. Photograph the post-its (we recommend using your smart phone with the free iOS app “Post Its Plus,” by 3M).
  4. Import the image into your illustrating software of choice (we like Sketch by Sketch Bohemian).
  5. “Lock” the image layer and reduce the opacity, so you can draw your vectors on top of it, and use it as a guide.
  6. When you’re finished remember to outline all the strokes and then submit your creation to the collaborative collection.
  • Narrative
  • No Facial Expressions
  • Use Template

Key Requirements

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