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Emojis of everyday objects.

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Directed by Matt Brooks Los Angeles, California

What if the inanimate objects we encounter on a daily basis had personalities? How would they feel? What would they express? This playful collection brings everyday objects to life by having them portray emotions related to their function and appearance. Use your imagination and create expressive emojis of all 'things' that don't normally have a voice.


  1. Brainstorm: Write out a list of emotions / facial expressions and brainstorm objects that match them (or vice versa). Here are some examples: sad = rain cloud; shocked = electrical outlet; defeated = flat tire
  2. Draw: Use pencil and paper to draw out your characters. Use a sharpie to outline your drawings.
  3. Digitize: Take pictures of your drawings. Upload them to your computer and open the images in Illustrator. Try sizing your images so each character fits on a 100 x 100 pixel art-board.
  4. Vectorize: Use the pen tool to trace your drawings with a 2 pt, black stroke. Use rounded caps and corners on all strokes to give your designs a softer feel. Make sure all your shapes are closed. Fill each shape with a color, but use no more than three colors for each character. After you have finalized your design, the last step is to outline the strokes. You can do this by selecting the stroke then object -> Path -> Outline Stroke.
  • 2px line weight
  • 3 color maximum
  • 100 pixel dimension

Key Requirements