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My name is Bianca DiPietro and I am a graphic designer, artist & illustrator. I have an insatiable appetite for visual culture and the variety of experiences that are affected by graphic design & illustration. I’m a visual thinker, problem-solver and story-teller. I’m inspired by the creative capacity of people to affect one another. Lover of fashion, interior design, fine art, music, photography and many artistic outlets as well as other mediums of expression. Want to know what I’m about? It’s simple. I’m passionate about being me and being me is about being creative, being expressive and always striving for my very best. No matter what I invest my time in, I always give it my all. I’m a listener and I love to learn. There is truly not enough hours in the day to satisfy my urge to learn and improve. I have a variety of experience which makes my approach to design unique. I have obtained my Masters in design and have worked as a designer, taught at the University level, and have conducted user-focused design research. I am always looking for new ways to inspire and impress both myself and others through my work, which means I am constantly pushing my creativity to the limit.


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