Build the World’s Visual Language, Make Money and become Iconic.

By submitting your designs to The Noun Project, you are helping educators, doctors, designers, architects, and millions of other people visually communicate and tell stories in fun, dynamic ways. Giving people a visual voice is not the only advantage of contributing to The Noun Project. You will also make money each time someone uses your Creative Commons (CC BY) icons by buying a license instead of attributing you. Finally, showcasing your designs on The Noun Project platform is a great way to promote your talents to a global community of creatives.

Here is why other designers have decided to contribute:

I've always been drawn to finding visual solutions to ideas, simple and complicated. It’s a challenge, but it’s fun. Noun Project gives me a workout, everyday, and I love it. As stated in my profile page, the first time I visited the website, The Noun Project mission statement caught my attention: “ add to the highly recognizable symbols that form the world’s visual language so they can be shared in a fun and meaningful way.” I was hooked.

Luis Prado, Author of visual novel Julio, Communications Consultant for WA State Department of Natural Resources

The Noun Project has such an excellent mission -- what mid-century designer Henry Dreyfuss dreamed of: “One day a central symbol archive surely will be established, in which all symbols used throughout the world be catalogued and available for reference.” To have the Noun Project not only satisfy this mission, but to do so in such a usable, elegant and ethical way is purely a delight. It's an honor to contribute.

John Caserta, Founder/Director of The Design Office, Assistant Professor at Rhode Island School of Design

We contribute to The Noun Project for many reasons. For projects like Cue, it's to give back to the community and provide resources to help people better communicate their ideas. For Iconic, it's a valuable way to showcase our work to people interested in iconography.

P.J. Onori, Partner at Waybury, design technologist

Frequently Asked Questions

What License can I use for my symbols?

You can choose one of the following Creative Commons licenses to apply to your symbol during the upload process:

Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) allows you to let others download, use, copy, share, modify, and build upon your symbol, as long as they either 1) attribute you as the designer, or 2) pay a small fee to use the symbol without attribution.

CC0 - No Rights Reserved is a public domain dedication tool which allows the designer or owner of a symbol to declare the work free of copyright. Placing a symbol into the public domain is not revocable, so make sure to read about CC0 first.

Public Domain Mark is a tool that lets you to identify a symbol that is already in the public domain and is therefore free of known copyright restrictions. An example of this would be an original work of the US Government (for example the DOT transportation suite), or symbols that have already been released into the public domain (such as the Iconathon suite).

How can I make money with my symbols?

When you upload a symbol under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license, you’re giving users the option to download your symbol 1) for free, as long as they attribute you as the designer, or 2) by paying a small fee to use the symbol without attribution.

Users can download your symbol individually through the site, using Premium Accounts, or the API. As part of Noun Project’s talented designer community, you’ll receive a profit each time someone buys a license to use your Creative Commons (CC BY) icons without attribution. For any icon licenses purchased individually through the website, you’ll receive 50% of the sale profits. You will also receive additional profits of 40% each time someone uses your icons through a service like Premium Accounts and our API.

How do I get paid?

We will deposit your profits to the PayPal account you include in your Account Settings. Deposits are made within 10 days after each month your balance accumulates to at least $10. Your balance will continue to accumulate until it is paid out. You will receive an email notification as soon as you have funds available.

Why offer an Alternative to Attribution?

We’ve heard from a lot of users who wanted a way to use symbols without having to attribute them. Sometimes attribution can be a hassle or even impossible, in particular when creating things like posters, advertising or applications. We wanted to provide a way for users to compensate designers when attribution is not possible, while giving more people access to the symbols no matter where they’re used.

Can users still download CC BY icons for free?

Yes, as long as they follow the proper attribution requirements.

Design Guidelines

To make sure the collection remains of the highest design quality, all submissions go through a curation process before they’re approved for the collection. Once our team reviews the symbol you submitted (usually within 12 hours), we’ll send you an email.

Technical Guidelines

Symbols should be all fill without any strokes. The design must use only black and not apply gradients. The file must be saved as a Scalable Vector Graphic (.SVG).

User Accounts

Creating a User Account is easy, and it’s free. User Accounts enable you to upload and manage your symbols, as well as keep track of your favorites.

Noun Profiles

Once your symbols are uploaded to the collection, you will also have your own Noun Profile where you can showcase and share all of your designs. We look forward to seeing your designs and growing the collection.

Submit an Icon

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